Order a Hat

Please feel free to order a hat for yourself
or for someone else, who is suffering a baby loss.

It is important that each baby is remembered with a separate hat, so do not shy from requesting one for each loss.

2-Steps Order

1. Donation

We are a non-profit organisation – relying solely on donations, therefore we ask you kindly to contribute a small amount when ordering a hat.

Your donations will keep our project going and help us reach more women who need this support.

We use PayPal to make sure your payment is secure.

2. Order Form

Once your PayPal donation is completed please make sure to click

if you don’t get automatically redirected.

This way we can get some details about your order (recipient’s name, address etc.)

Each Pack includes:

o Grieving Heart Hat
o Ribbon
o Safety pin
o Printed card
o Bag
o Note to recipient
o Envelope
o Postage (Ireland)

The Grieving Hearts Hats Project
is non-profit with all donations going right back in to support the project.


Grieving Hearts Hats
18 Newtown Mews
Co. Limerick

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