How it all began…

Grieving Hearts Hats project was founded by Pauline Gannon who lives in Ballina, Co. Tipperary, Ireland with her husband, twos sons, 2 cats and 1 dog.

Pauline was devastated and completely heartbroken when she experienced three consecutive miscarriages after the birth of her first son and a 4th miscarriage after her second son.

During her healing, she took the decision to name each baby and give them an identity in their own right.

Baby Poppy

5th of October 2009

Baby Issac

3rd of February 2010

Baby Lilly

25th of June 2010

Baby Lucy

28th of April 2012

Women who experience a Miscarriage rarely have anything physical to hold belonging to that baby.

Pauline soon realised that like herself, some don’t even have a scan picture.

To create something positive from something so heart wrenching she came up with the idea of Grieving Hearts Hats. She taught herself to knit the most basic pattern for the hats and still finds knitting the hats very therapeutic.

Each Tiny White Hat is knitted by volunteers from all over the world.

They are knitted by Women for Women with love, to show a grieving woman she is not alone while also giving a physical item to hold belonging to her baby.

It is important to Pauline that each baby is remembered with a separate hat and she encourages those who have had several losses to not shy from requesting one for each loss.

Knitted by women for women with love.

The Grieving Hearts Hats Project

is non-profit with all donations going right back in to support the project and to reach more women.


Grieving Hearts Hats
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Co. Limerick

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